Here are just some of the services we provide:

  • Basic Clean 
    wiping/dusting of surfaces, vacuuming/sweeping of floors. Includes no internal unit/furniture/equipment cleaning or cleaning behind equipment/units.
  • Deep Clean 
    wiping/dusting of surfaces, internal cleaning of units/furniture, cleaning behind units/equipment/furniture, wiping down paintwork, cleaning of doors and removal of rubbish.
  • Intense Clean
    deep clean plus cleaning of windows/frames, cleaning of walls, steam cleaning and cleaning of bodily fluids.

The following prices are a rough guide and may vary on inspection of the requested job. In all cases a revised price will be given before a job is commenced. To have a look at our before job and after job pictures please follow this link

Property Size  Basic Clean  Deep Clean  Intense Clean
 Single room -any type          £20  £45  £80

 Single Tenancy -including 1 bedroom, kitchen, lounge, hall and toilet.

 £40  £85  £135
 2 bed property including bedroom, kitchen, lounge, hall and toilet  £60  £130  £215
 3 bed property including bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, hall and toilets  £80  £175  £215                    

 4 bed property including bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, hall and toilets.

 £100  £220  £375
 Larger properties- each job to be seen before quotation given      
 Only clearance of rubbish(e.g cellears, yards)  £40  £40  £40

Please get in touch with us for more details.

Our current team is very proactive, friendly and enthusiastic about the work.


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