Welcome to the online home of CleanStart.

We are a Commercial Cleaning Service based in Leeds. We successfully started our cleaning operations with the help of Leeds Housing Concern's cleaning requirements and has over the embryonic period taken on contracts from a wide range of clients, each contract being carefully scrutinized so that the main work undertaken by the company is in the community's best interest.

The company's work focuses upon assisting disadvantaged and unemployed individuals, supported by Leeds Housing Concern and other organisations in the surrounding area, by providinig employment opportunities and a mechanism by which they can be fully re-integrated into society.

Cleanstart  has been created with the aim of tackling worklessness amongst Leeds Housing Concern's clients through the provision of a supported work environment that provides training and mentoring in a properly functioning company. Initial work on LHC's properties proved to be an ideal training base before other external work was taken on. However, an early opportunity was provided by a local primary school and Clean Start has been providing the cleaning services there ever since. Clean Start is now on the verge of breaking even. As a social business any profit generated will be used to expand the business and provide a greater number of job opportunities to people.

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Business 900 t/a Cleanstart is a division of Leeds Housing Concern Ltd. ; a company limited by guarantee (No: 1790817) and a
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